Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I go

to therapy?


Therapy is a valuable opportunity to heal from past experiences, connect with yourself, and bring deeper meaning to your life. Therapy can help to uncover blocks that prevent fulfillment in your life. As human beings in the modern world, we are often not taught, modeled for, or supported as children to make sense of, understand, and deal with our emotions and how they impact our everyday lives. We are also often not given much in the way of how to face challenges and conflict in our relationships, whether it is with our partners, family, children, co-workers, bosses, friends, or ourselves.

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stress, trauma, and relationship issues. It is common to feel ambivalent, scared, and uncertain when considering seeing a therapist for the first time. Or perhaps you have seen a therapist before but had a less than positive experience. Whatever is driving you to consider therapy in your life right now, be honest with yourself about it. I am happy to explore your feelings about the therapeutic relationship and whatever may come up during the process.


How do we begin working


Please contact me to schedule a free 20 minute phone call where we will briefly discuss what’s bringing you to therapy and to clarify any questions you may have. Next we’ll schedule your initial appointment. I will follow up through email with some forms for you to fill out as well as instructions on accessing my office in Laurel Heights in San Francisco.

During our first session, we will discuss your history, current concerns, and goals for working together. If we choose to move forward after the first session, we will begin a series of a sessions where we get to know each other, dive deeper and begin to clarify your goals. This period also allows us to see how I can best serve your needs.

Along the way I will be offering you a safe and nurturing space to explore and learn about yourself, while providing you with practical tools and skills to begin using in your life right away.


how much do

you charge?

My fee is $170 per week for a 50 minute session. I offer a limited number of sliding scale spaces depending on your financial needs. 

I do not currently take insurance. However, I can offer you a statement that you submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.


How long will

I need to be in therapy?

Once we start working together, the length of time will depend on you and the goals we have clarified for you. The minimum I work with people is 1x per week. How you show up to the process is an important factor in what it will be like and how long it will take.

Therapy can feel like a slow process at times, but the overall effects can be deeply healing and long lasting. Throughout the therapeutic process, I will be checking in with you to see how things are going and will be open to discussing any adjustments that need to be made along the way to reaching your goals.


Do Marriage and Family

Therapists (MFTs) only

work on marriages and

with families?

In short, no. The title of the license is a bit misleading, as MFTs are qualified to work with individuals, couples, families, and groups, include all age ranges, backgrounds and orientations, and can address multiple clinical issues.


Why do you work with

only women?

I work specifically with women because I feel there are not enough spaces that are held just for women. Women today are experiencing unique opportunities to live more empowered and inspired lives. By tailoring my work specifically with women, I want to open up a dialogue with you not just about your goals and the ways I can support you, but how understanding your life from a feminine perspective (and I don’t just mean the “opposite of manly”) can more deeply inform your life. I want to open up new possibilities for you by utilizing the countless, and often subtle, inner hidden treasures that come with being a woman as a way to help you feel more alive, connected and alignment with your true nature.


What about the men?

What if I don’t identify

as a woman or a man?

I honor and respect men and all gender nonconforming individuals. There are many local therapists that can fit your needs. Feel free to contact me for referrals.


Please reach out with questions or to schedule your free phone consultation. Contact me at 415-841-2737 or email me here.

I am honored to support you.