Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy

You are more than just your achievements, your thoughts, and your job title. You are a beautifully complex, powerful, and sensitive human being, absorbing experiences not only through your mind, but through your body, heart, and soul.

As a somatic psychotherapist in San Francisco, I have had the honor of witnessing how connecting with the body has helped my clients completely transform their relationship to their challenges.

We use our bodies to describe emotion all the time.

“My heart is broken.”
“I have a gut instinct.”
“That guy is a pain in the neck.”

Connecting to your body deeply increases your self-awareness. You can use your body sensations to further understand yourself and feelings, thus increase your ability to better manage your emotions. And that’s only the beginning.

Healing through somatic and body-based techniques works deeply, quickly, and effectively. It increases your capacity to “be with” yourself, to tolerate the difficulties and challenges of life.

You learn to breathe more deeply when you experience a difficult emotion, which then makes it easier to face your challenges and make lasting changes in your life.

On a deeper level, connecting to your body sends your whole system a message of unconditional love and care. This is whole-person healing. You can learn to be compassionate, caring, and truly loving with yourself, just through sensing and connecting your body.

In working with me, I will guide you to safely and comfortably tune into yourself this way.

If you’ve experienced trauma, especially sexual or physical abuse, or your relationship to your body is negative or difficult, it may seem like connecting to your body sounds frightening.

However, somatic psychotherapy is a profound way to heal. Working with a licensed somatic psychotherapist will help you safely work through these issues, at a pace that is appropriate for your healing journey.

Embodied and holistic healing means to explore the layers that include body, heart, soul, spirit, and mind. Through this, your life will be profoundly changed for the better.

I am honored to support you.

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"To love the body is to acknowledge and respond to the body’s strengths and also to its vulnerabilities.

To love the body is to respond to its limitations and push it gently to make it stronger and see what it is capable of.

To love the body is to grant it an honorable place in your life."

-Clarissa Pinkola Estès